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Magpul CTR stock vs LMT SOPMOD stock

My buddy Steve got a new Magpul CTR stock for his AR that he’s upgrading so I figured while he’s installing parts I’d check it out on my Mk18 which normally sports my LMT SOPMOD.

CTR Pros: It’s surprisingly light weight, compact, easily adjustable, locks down solid with no play, relatively inexpensive at ~$70

CTR Cons: No battery storage

LMT Pros: Sturdy, great cheek weld surfaces, lots of battery storage, very easy to instal and remove, very little play

LMT Cons: Somewhat bulky (not annoyingly so though), heavier, expensive ~$200 

My thoughts are that both are excellent, no frills, solid stocks. The CTR in my opinion would be great for a CQB rifle or shotgun especially if it was in a more plain configuration or slung on the back a lot. It’s a great stock.

If you plan on running a lot of battery operated items (optic, laser, light, ect) or other items up front (suppressor for example) or want a solid cheek weld then the SOPMOD is for you. The SOPMOD’s heft is perfect for balancing out such a rifle (such as my Mk18), especially with batteries in it. The CTR was too light and made my rifle (without light, laser or suppressor) feel quite front heavy. B5 also makes a SOPMOD stock for quite a bit cheaper if you’re interested.

I’m going to stick with the SOPMOD on my Mk18 and put one on my future Block II but I can definitely see myself getting a CTR in the future for my planned breaching shotgun. Both are great options.


MG 1/100 Gundam Heavyarms EW - Painted Build

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Time to clean her up. #glock #glock19 #inforceapl #baenumba2 #vscocam


Time to clean her up. #glock #glock19 #inforceapl #baenumba2 #vscocam



Memphis May Fire - Vices.

Memphis May Fire - Vices.